Scope of service

(a)    Cadastral survey

    l          Land subdivision

 l          Re-establishment of boundaries

 l          Village layout design

 l          Survey for adverse possession

 l          Research for missing lots

 l          Surrender, Regrant and Lease plans for adoption by Government

 l          Professional counselling and expert witness

 l          Aerial photostudy for evaluating boundary evidence


(b)    Boundary disputes

 l          to advise on resumption and other land boundary matters,

 l          to provide expert witnesses in boundary dispute cases,

 l          to verify adverse occupation of landed properties,

 l          to produce historical boundary evidences by aerial photostudy,

 l          to re-establish missing lots,

 l          to investigate and prepare reports on problematic boundary issues,

 l          to negotiate with government on anomalous land records.


(c)     Engineering survey

 l         Slope survey

 l         Sectioning and floor plan survey

 l         Record survey of buildings or other structures

 l         Positioning of bore-holes, pile caps etc.


(d)    Topographic survey

 l          Up-dating of map sheets

 l          Site survey

 l          Tree survey

 l          Study of Aerial Photographs for verifying land use and detecting changes.


(e)    Geodetic survey

 l         High order horizontal and vertical control, including GPS determination

 l         Precise Levelling

 l         Land settlement, deformation and verticality monitoring.


 (f)     Hydrographic Survey

 l         Multi-beam and dual frequency sounding

 l         Precision positioning at sea

 l         Wreck/ Shoal searching

 l         Current measurement

 l         Bottom sampling


(g)     Allied services, (by cooperating with other professionals)

 l         Legal processing for land registration

 l         GIS and Land data manipulation

 l         Site fencing

 l         Aerial photographic survey