Brief history

Our company was established in October 1996.  We worked in every corner of the HKSAR and served clients of many descriptions including solicitors, architects, Government officials, developers, engineering consultants and landowners.


Objective and vision

We aimed at a labour-economizing but cost-effective organization to serve our clients in all kinds of land surveying.  We have gradually built up this mode of business over past years and will continue to develop in this direction by acquiring more hi-tech equipment and adopting more efficient work approach.


Our distinctive services

What distinguishes us from most others are that:-

    l      We are confident to be able to resolve the most complicated boundary problems

 l         We are apt to adopt initiative approach to deal with unique survey problems, and

 l         We are mindful to provide after-sale services.


Scope of service

(a)    Cadastral survey

    l          Land subdivision

 l          Re-establishment of boundaries

 l          Village layout design

 l          Survey for adverse possession

 l          Research for missing lots

 l          Surrender, Regrant and Lease plans for adoption by Government

 l          Professional counselling and expert witness

 l          Aerial photostudy for evaluating boundary evidence.


(b)    Boundary disputes

 l          to advise on resumption and other land boundary matters

 l          to provide expert witnesses in boundary dispute cases

 l          to verify adverse occupation of landed properties

 l          to produce historical boundary evidences by aerial photostudy

 l          to re-establish missing lots

 l          to investigate and prepare reports on problematic boundary issues

 l          to negotiate with government on anomalous land records.


(c)     Engineering survey

 l         Slope survey

 l         Sectioning and floor plan survey

 l         Record survey of buildings or other structures

 l         Positioning of bore-holes, pile caps etc.


(d)    Topographic survey

 l          Up-dating of map sheets

 l          Site survey

 l          Tree survey

 l          Study of Aerial Photographs for verifying land use and detecting changes.


(e)    Geodetic survey

 l         High order horizontal and vertical control, including GPS determination

 l         Precise Levelling

 l         Land settlement, deformation and verticality monitoring.


 (f)     Hydrographic Survey

 l         Multi-beam and dual frequency sounding

 l         Precision positioning at sea

 l         Wreck/ Shoal searching

 l         Current measurement

 l         Bottom sampling.


(g)     Allied services, (by cooperating with other professionals)

 l         Legal processing for land registration

 l         GIS and Land data manipulation

 l         Site fencing

 l         Aerial photographic survey.


Major projects and experience summary

(a)     Dimension plan survey for large housing proposals for various property developers, e.g.

 l           Ma Wan (about 350 houses)

 l           Heung Yuen Wai (about 30 houses)

 l           Tong Hang (about 30 houses).


(b)      Surrender, resumption, regrant and lease plan surveys for land developers and Housing Department, all plans being in a format acceptable to Government, e.g.

 l           SHK íV Ma Wan Project

 l           SHK íV Sai Sha Area

 l           HD íV 3 large estates


(c)     About 800 number of land lot subdivision surveys for landowners and developers.

(d)     About 30 number of boundary dispute/adverse possession cases with expert witnesses/reports given for most of them, e.g.

 l          Action No 16533 of 2001

 l           HCA No 13429/97

 l          Case No FLS8844/96

 l           HC Action No 10622 of 1994


(e)     About 100 number of slope surveys for various consultant firms.


(f)      Floor plans, drainage plans, section plans, and elevation plans, e.g.

 l          Plans of 12 schools for ASD School Improvement Programme

 l           Plans of tens of sites for various consultant firms

 l           Plans for the historical site at Johnston Road, Wai Chai

 l           Condition survey plan of the Heritage Preservation of Pun UK in Yuen Long.

(g)     Basic survey sheet up-dating of about 200 hectares for the Survey and Mapping Office (SMO), Lands Department (Contract No COSUMA/CE12/98)


(h)     Control survey including an aggregated length of 60 km main/minor traverses and 17 km precise leveling for SMO (Contract No CE12/98)


(i)     Land settlement monitoring survey of about 40 housing estates and verticality check of 30 estates for Housing Department (Contract No CRB/LS/2000/7 Package D)


(j)     Special surveys such as follows:-

 l           the structural deformation survey of Siu Sai Wan Sports Stadium

 l           the monitoring survey of the bearing installation of Tsing Yi South Bridge

 l           the consultation survey on the land status of a historical grave in Wong Tai Sin

 l           the digital land record updating of about 600 lots for SMO. (Contract No LD/SMO/U/1/99/01).